Cleaning the house has not always been easy. At first, women had to scrub the floors down on their hands and knees, and as far as the results were concerned, they were not great. With time, things changed, and new devices were released. Look at us now! We have all these devices that help us keep our clothes clean, dishes, carpets, you name it. But one of the things that every household should have is a spin mop.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop
the bucket design has a built-in wringer
you can control the level of moisture
mop’s head is made of deep-cleaning microfiber
Goplus Microfiber Magic Spin Mop
wringing is made with the help of the rod
360º rotating washable mop
microfiber part can be removed and washed
Mopnado Spin Mop
it can reach 56 inches
mop head spins by pushing the rod up and down
bucket has a premium construction and features two separate handles

A spin mop is basically a mop that spins. There is not a better explanation out there. However, when it first came out, people were crazy about it. The mop is fantastic, but the fact that you could use the bucket to spin the mop to get rid of all excess water blew everyone’s mind. It is not a complex mechanism, but it had something that made people very enthusiastic about it.

The advantages of a spin mop

A spin mop, as simple as it may be, has plenty of advantages. You may be satisfied with the mop you currently have but wait until you find out what this one can do. Chances are you have already seen one, but if you are not convinced, here is why you should get yourself the best spin mop.

  • It is better at cleaning – the best spin mop is made with microfiber. Studies show that microfiber is the best when it comes to killing microbes. As far as this issue is concerned, microfiber is superior at removing bacteria than other types of material. Nothing will disinfect your house floors like this mop. Moreover, when you have dirt on your floors, a traditional mop will require plenty of motion, while a spin mop will get the dirt off your floor with just one or two strokes.
  • It saves time – a spin mop will help you get the job done a lot faster than a traditional mop. Scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees is out of the question. That means you will spend a few minutes mopping, and you can enjoy the rest of the time doing something that you love or spend time with your family. Cleaning should not occupy a lot of your time.
  • More work, less effort – a spin mop requires very little effort. The spinner in the bucket will remove the excess water for you, there are few strokes involved, and so on. Basically, you will do less for more. Who would pass on that?
  • It keeps itself clean – when you have a traditional mop, keeping it clean requires some effort on your behalf. Most of the times, you need to wash it by hand. However, a spin mop is easy to clean. All you have to do is put some water with a bit of detergent in the bucket, insert the mop in the water then put it in the spinner. It will look as good as new. Thanks to the spin force, all the debris will fly out, and your mop will last longer for it.

How to choose the best spin mop

Since there are countless models out there, choosing one spin mop may prove to be a bit confusing, especially if you did not own a spin mop before. All you have to do is establish some criteria. Once you did that, you will know what to consider. Here are the most notable features you must look for.

  • Multi-purpose – there are spin mops out there that are designed to clean hardwood floor better than tile, or the other way around. However, the best spin mop will be multi-purpose. You do not need two mops for your house. All you need is one. With that in mind, choose the spin mop that can clean all the surfaces in your house. It is simpler that way.
  • Ease of use – not all spin mops are created equal. Some work just by swiping the floor, while others have a pedal that engages the spinning You need to know which one you want. Pick the mop that will feel right with you so that you will not have trouble using it. I know that using a spin mop is not rocket science, but this is one of those times when easier is better. You do not need ‘complicated’ in a mop.
  • Ease of cleaning – I think this aspect is very important. You want to make your floors sparkle, which is why you need a spin mop that is very clean. You would not wash something with a dirty rag, would you? It goes the same with the spin mop. Some models are designed to be washed in the washing machine, while others must be washed by hand. Choose the one you want, but the most important thing is to have it cleaned as best as possible.
  • Lifespan – usually, manufacturers tell you how long a spin mop is going to last, and of course, you want the mop to last as long as possible. It is better to spend a few extra dollars now than to replace the mop every month or so. One way you can figure out how long the mop is going to be around is to take a look at the warranty. If the manufacturer provides a 30-day warranty, chances are that the mop is not going to last very long. However, if you see a product with a lifetime warranty, then chances are that it is going to last a while. It may not be a lifetime, but at least you do not have to buy a new mop every month or two.
  • Splash guard – I do not know about you, but when I mop my floors, one thing that I hate is seeing small puddles here and there. That will happen with a spin mop unless the bucket has a splash guard. Its purpose is to keep every drop of water in the bucket while you are wringing. That way you will not have those annoying puddles I mentioned above.
  • Construction –when you invest in something, no matter how little that thing is, you expect quality. Why would a spin mop be any different? As long as the bucket is not made from some cheap plastic, you should be fine. Also, take a look at the pedal that makes the mop It must stand the pressure of your foot, so make sure that it is sturdy.

What are the best spin mops?

There are numerous models you can find both online and in stores. Some of them are high-quality products and will last a long time, while others are not. To differentiate them, you could read some reviews written by people who have already bought the product of your choice. That way you will know if that particular spin mop is worth its value or not. Here are a few examples.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

Click here to buy on Amazon

The spin mop from O-Cedar is one of the most popular products of this kind. Thousands of people have already bought it and claim that they are very satisfied with the product because of multiple reasons. For starters, and this is one of the best features of this mop, the bucket design has a built-in wringer that will allow you to wring the mop without even touching it.

The bucket has a pedal that you have to push. That way, all the excess water in the mop will get back in the bucket, and you will be able to wash the floors with enough water to clean, but not too much to create puddles. You can control the level of moisture. Also, the fact that you do not have to touch the mop will save your hands some damage. We all know how the skin dries when you put them in that floor detergent.

The mop’s head is made of deep-cleaning microfiber, which absorbs even the toughest spots of dirt and grime. The bucket also features a Splash Guard that will keep all the water inside the bucket while wringing. You do not have to worry about water drops all over your floor, or worse, walls. When the mop head gets uncleanable, refills are available for purchase. Why buy the entire kit when you can buy just that one item that exceeds its use, right? The head has a triangular shape so that you can clean the corners easily, and you can also pivot it to reach under your furniture.Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Goplus Microfiber Magic Spin Mop

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If you think the O-Cedar is an amazing spin mop, then wait until you see how the Goplus works. It has an impressive design that will make your job a lot easier. The first time I looked at this product I was not able to understand how can you wring the mop. The bucket has no pedal. However, the Goplus has a different mechanism that will make you forget all about the pedal.

The wringing is made with the help of the rod. Inside the rod is a mechanism that is activated by pump-like motions. You just press the rod downwards, and the head of the mop spins. When you are done wringing, you lock the rod into position, and you mop the floors. That feature will allow you to spin the mop both in the wringer, but in the water as well. That means you can clean the mop a lot easier than with other methods.

Other features include a 360º rotating washable mop, no spill design, and shock. You can also pivot the head to reach underneath pieces of furniture. You can remove the microfiber part from the rest of the head and throw it in the washing machine. Cleaning a mop head has never been that easy. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Mopnado Spin Mop

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This is yet another amazing product that is meant to make cleaning the floors easy and fun. It has everything you would want a mop to have. It features an adjustable rod that will allow you to keep whatever posture you feel comfortable with. It can reach 56 inches so that you do not have to buy an extension.

The wringing mechanism is similar to the one of the previous model. The mop head spins by pushing the rod up and down. The faster you spin, the more water you get out of the mop. Simple as that. You can do this while the mop is both in the water and in the wringer. Another feature that makes this mop one of the best is that both the rod and the wringer are made of stainless steel. That makes them extremely durable. The rod will never bend like an aluminum one.

The bucket has a premium construction and features two separate handles. One will allow you to lift the bucket up, while the other extends and allows you to drag the bucket. That is possible thanks to the two wheels the bucket has. You do not have to lift the bucket if you cannot do it. When you order the Mopnado, you will receive the bucket, the rod, a scrub brush for those tough spots, and two microfiber mop heads. The mop heads are machine washable since they are detachable. Just like with the other two products, Mopnado can swivel for all those hard to reach places. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I am one of those people who like to have their house clean at all times, especially because I have a pet, which is why I often invest in cleaning devices and supplies. When I head of the spin mop’s existence, I bought it right away. My latest acquisition was the Mopnado. It is unbelievably easy to clean the floors with it. I can control the moisture of the mop for different floor types, and I can drag the bucket around instead of carrying it. It is one of the best spin mops I have ever used, and I do not see myself buying something else. Not that I need to. The Mopnado looks now like it looked when I first bought it.


You may think it is a little matter, but once you see an item that has the potential of making your task easier, you cannot help but buy it. It is the same with the spin mop. I made my choice, and I am very satisfied with it, but you can choose whichever product you want. I guarantee that you will be satisfied no matter what you purchase. Click here to buy on Amazon

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